Land Surveying

Siteworks is a full service surveying firm with a Certificate of Authorization to provide Land Surveying in the State of South Carolina.


Our surveying capabilities include:

Construction Staking and Layout

With great accuracy, we are able to provide construction staking services for clearing, silt fence, tree protection, utilities, roads, buildings, and pilings, all from a set of building plans. Not only does this reduce third-party survey costs, scheduling, and delays, but this allows our construction associates to build the project without the constraints of traditional staking methods. Furthermore, this expedites geotechnical and civil engineering decisions throughout the construction process.

3D Site Modeling

2D Engineered design plans may be converted into 3D surface models in order to prove the constructability of a site and provide the base for construction staking and GPS machine control.  Not only does building the site digitally in advance allow for plan changes to be addressed well ahead of construction, it improves process efficiency and timely performance and delivery.

As-Built Surveys

As-Built surveys are conducted at various points of a project to confirm and document that work is meeting codes and specifications. Whether it’s a water, sewer, or storm as-built survey, these include all development modifications as required by a building department and confirms compliance under a governing board for project completion and occupancy.