Site Work Construction

Site Work

Siteworks is a licensed contractor in the state of South Carolina


Our teams provide comprehensive site construction including:

Land Clearing and Demolition

One of the more time-consuming and costly aspects of any construction project is the process of removing mature vegetation and debris. From complete land clearing, including tree, stump, debris, and underbrush removal, to selective clearing to preserve our protected trees, our land service team transforms a property into a workable site. Additionally, the demolition and removal of existing structures and utilities can further expedite site preparation for the construction phase.

Earthwork and Grading

From excavation to hauling, import to removal, and rough to fine grading, we are experienced in performing earthwork scopes for all types of building projects. With our 3D surface modeling capabilities, we are able to provide the base for construction staking and GPS machine control, all of which improves efficiency and timely delivery.

Additionally, soil screening and stabilization methods can be beneficial when considering options for earthwork activity. When soil conditions are favorable, topsoil screening procedures are a cost-saving supplementary alternative to material import. Furthermore, soil stabilization techniques including compaction, dewatering, and cement stabilization can improve a building site’s durability and strength.

Sediment and Erosion Control

Following SWPPP protocols at each phase of a project, we use a variety of cost-effective methods to mitigate or eliminate sediment runoff and erosion on both the building site and adjacent areas. Our focus is to ensure that the surrounding environment is maintained and remains unaffected during the construction process.

Flatwork and Paving

Road construction services comprise of curb and gutter systems, concrete sidewalks, heavy duty concrete paving, and standard and heavy duty asphalt paving.