Capers Hall

a featured project

Project Description

The Capers Hall Replacement Project at The Citadel replaces the existing 72-year-old building with a new 107,700 SF LEED Silver certified facility designed to meet the requirements of modern building codes and to provide 21st-century educational upgrades.  

As is the case with the majority of sites throughout the Charleston peninsula, The Citadel is a difficult site for structural design and construction as it’s exposed to a series of potential challenges including poor soils, a high water table, seismic events, and flooding. Among the several infrastructural improvements to address these concerns, a new storm drain system with dual elliptical pipes and vortex sediment separators was installed within the site, while additional storm drainage replaced the existing undersized and deteriorated pipes in the site’s adjoining streets. 

Scope of Services

Erosion control; excavation, earthwork, and grading; storm drainage with water quality units, including within Hagood and Elmwood Avenues; facility water and sanitary sewer installation; curbing, paving, sidewalks, and streetscape.