Joint Base Charleston Fuel Distribution Facility

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Project Description

Joint Base Charleston is home to Air Mobility Command’s largest C-17 fleet, providing support to all branches of the armed forces. The fueling facilities required a complete upgrade and renovation to ensure the 628th Base Wing can continue to support the Nation’s missions throughout the word.  

The construction of the Bulk Storage Fuel Farm upgrades were performed in two phases to allow for continued operation of the existing pump and filtration area until the new systems were completed. Overall, the scope of work primarily consisted of one 80,000 BBL and two 20,000 bulk fuel storage tanks with associated containment areas, a 1,800 GPM pumphouse, new operations building, mogas and diesel fuel fill stand, and a truck offload facility. Site improvements included erosion and sediment control, demolition, grading, storm drainage with pump system, utilities, and offsite borrow to replace contaminated soil from the site.  

Scope of Services

Erosion control; site demolition, earthwork, and grading; storm drainage and pump system, utility installation, sidewalks, and asphalt paving.