South Bay at Mount Pleasant

a featured project

Project Description

Located on 16.5 acres just off of Highway 17, South Bay at Mount Pleasant is a vibrant, resort-style retirement community that exudes Lowcountry charm at its finest. The 375,000 SF community includes a 40,000 SF centrally-located clubhouse that provides multiple upscale amenities, 143 independent living apartments within multiple four-story buildings that span over a total of 216,000 SF, and a 120,000 SF healthcare building that provides a home to 118 residents. Additionally, all residents may enjoy the array of beautiful outdoor spaces, including the encompassed gardens, walking paths, and courtyards.

The project site was previously occupied with grass cover, pine trees, and mature oak trees, the latter of which had to be carefully protected as they were integral design features of the overall community layout. Furthermore, constructing the 3.3 acre pond that could accommodate the volume of water from about 6,000 LF of storm pipe required the excavation of just over 60,000 cubic yards of soil, which was ultimately used to fill and balance the site to its proposed elevations.  

Scope of Services

Erosion control; clearing, excavation, earthwork, grading and construction of 3.3 acre pond; storm drainage; facility water and sanitary sewer installation; commissioned water and sewer extension; curbing, paving, and sidewalks.